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Monday, 13 June 2011

Hey all!

Just set up an email blog! Seeing if this works! Fingers crossed! :)
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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Money, money its all about the f@&$ing money!

Money is positive and negative influences in our lives! Those annoying little coins and green paper control and decide our lives! If you have money, you are well off in society, if not then its basically a slap in the face and a big f*** you!

This rant is a result of the high demand of money which as I said controls our bloody lives and I am ranting because trying to find a home to move in with my fiance seems the most difficult thing to do these days! I shall start back when we registered to start bidding on council houses, which thanks to Margaret Thatcher, there are a small amount available now. Unfortuantely, due to the fact that we both live with our parents, we are not in the 'priority' list. This 'list' contains those which are homeless(and the majority in the one are jobless too), druggies (or ex-druggies), or pregnant (and that sometimes isn't included). So basically as 'normal' people not included in this 'priority' list then you would be waiting a very, very, very long time before you even get offered a home.

So, as a result private letting looks like more of a sure about that?

Well, the first place we had looked at was pretty much a dive, dead bugs, ant powder under sink (hinting an issue there) and was quite small especially in the bedroom. Then tried to view quite a few places, nope, two were taken even though on the estate agents official site it claims those ones are still available, and one we were going to view cancelled at the last second as the owner changed his mind and wanted to try selling it again...well good luck to that mate! One we did view was lovely, absolutely loved it! Very spacious, upstairs bedroom with a walk in wardrobe (which I LOVED) and we could actually see ourselves there! The downside...look at my blog title. The deposit plus the first months rent plus the 'administration fee' was overall, shocking and really too much. Everyone we spoke to about this said we were being ripped off for most of it and we were basically being taken advantage. Yet there were a few who said that's pretty much what you expect from estate agents and private lettings these days. This was disheartening. Couldn't go for it, physically couldn't.

So, I am very disheartened by this but can only hope we get somewhere that was decent and we weren't being ripped off.

All that can be done.