Sunday, 24 April 2011

Many thoughts...

Well, had my weekend off and spent the time with my fiancee! Had the best time! Played Lips 80s whilst having cheeky drinks at the same time and yet somehow still managed to keep in tune with the songs we sang too! I always enjoy my weekends off and theres a very good reason why! :) There has been no drama, first weekend in a long time for both of us that there hasn't been any drama which is such a good feeling! The crap drama that had been going on always brought me down but thankfully not this weekend and I had the best time!

So not long until my holiday! One week today and it will be a year since my man unexpectedly proposed to me at the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh! What a day that was! Amazing! Also amazing to think it has been a year! Then I turn 22 on the 4th! Scary! So much planned to do that week! I cannot wait! And I'm sure he thinks the same!

Hopefully we will be getting a home to move in together soon when the council makes a move on! Then maybe, after some time, maybe, start planning the wedding! I do have things in mind, such as who is my bridesmaid and where we will get married. I have to admit, even though I am a tom-boy, this is the only time I'm thinking like a girl should! haha! It will be amazing for the both of us! But first, we need to live together which is the first step!

I think I have started to make a move and be positive, go back to the happy-go-lucky person I was before the pain the last year has brought which took me down a spiral! I need to push myself forward and upward now! It feels like it will be tough and I know there will be moments where I will be down but thanks to the people in my life, they help bring me back up!

What more could I ask for?

Heading out now! Cya! x

Thursday, 21 April 2011

"Things can only get better" - Take That

Only Take That can give you an optimistic song eh?

I don't want to type that much of what I'm thinking as I might bring the mood down. I am not in the best of moods atm and seem to be getting bit more down ( see previous blog to understand why ) but seeing my amazing fiancee this weekend and spending the night in so bit of relaxing is much needed. After what a stressful week it has been, mainly mentally but hopefully everyone will move on. Which is I would say the best and happier option for all of us so we won't have anymore drama or stupidity and everyone can live their own happy lives.

So when come 8pm tomorrow night I am going to relax and look forward to the weekend and maybe play a game of 'Lips' is in order. :) Be a good night non the less!

Oh and it won't be long until I am on holiday, and on the 1st May I will have been engaged a year! Bloody scary that! Still remember the day like it just happened yesterday! Freaky shit! Haha! Amazing though I will admit! Then got the whole week off which will give plenty time to spend with my man and to end it on a huuuuge high...going to have a birthday night out with my friend and my work mates! Everyone is getting excited and it's been planned for about 3 weeks!

Anyway, best get some rest before another day of energetic work!

Until next time....

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Why do people show their true colours at the most awful time?

I don't understand some people. I really don't. You know them for such a long period of time but you never suspect there to be an evil, twisted person in them. How can you make someone feel guilty of a decision they are allowed to do by being vicious in a message and blaming others for that decision? That only pushes them further and further way. This has been long incoming like. I mean I have had many occassions where I have seen someones true colour when it is least expected and it resulted in me being in tears. And now I have seen this selfish person do the same to my best friend! I have come to the conclusion that this person likes to make others feel guiilty by saying 'you have spoiled everything!', 'Very stupid mistake you're making and I know its them thats done it'. Talk about putting pressure on someone! We are all free to make our own decision, thats what free will is all about!!

Man! They have lost everyone! We have all stuck together cos thats what friends do and what friendship stands for! But single mindedness of one who only thought everything was about themselves decided, 'No, i dont need friends so Ill drive them away and dig my hook in all my relations and my "man" and get them to shout at my friends to make them the bad ones, so Im all innocent'. This is typical but one wonders how much certain people know about this person. Because if we were the 'harpies' they claimed we were, the oh-so many things that could be told. Oh dear! What would happen if things were 'accidentally' said and this person wouldn't look so innocent after all! And her man would defo think different, well a touch, as they are so 'in tune' with selfishness!

Thats what I'd really liketo do but...Nah! some self ridden, single minded, vicious, twisted, manipulating people arent worth it!

So I bid you adieu to them! FUCKERS!

Cya all!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Not Much The Now....

Well at the current time, there isnt much to blog but will be back later to blog my super(!) 3 days off work!

Cya soon peeps!

Monday, 11 April 2011

(squeaky voice) I'm fine!

Well incase you're wondering I'm not fine :P My back is still sore from work so I have sprayed my back vigorously with deep heat and taken painkillers. Aaaah! My bed! the genious invention for relaxtion at the end of a stressful day, and I'm sure many of you will agree to this! My way at the current moment to end a stressful day at work is relaxing on my bed and watching 'Friends'! You just cannae beat a bit of friends to cheer yourself up like! But mind I said 'at the current time' as me and my fiance dont live together...yet! Seriously hoping to get a place together VERY soon as it kinda sucks coming home and not getting a cheeky kiss when I walk in...ah well! Just have to wait and see I believe. Hoping that the 'Council' will get their finger out of their a**** and realise to give us a place because we are honest, hardworking people who deserve a place rather than some of the other folk who were given homes.

Well as I've said in previous Blog I'm seeing some good friends this week, so hoping a bit of good old gossip will cheer us all up as I havent seen them in a good while. Also, as I've already stated that hopefully some things will be brought to light and sorted out but time will tell. Still, gotta love a good banter with your friends no? :)

Random note: Does anyone get the feeling of Deja Vu recently? I have and this feeling is occuring a bit more often and sometimes it freaks me out! Hmmm...dunno what to think about that really? Any advice would be lovely folks :)

Okay, I am going to kick back and enjoy some good episodes of Friends before I hit the sack in preparation for yet another 12 hour shift. Peace all! x

Always look on the bright side of life


Although I should start this blog in a cheery way thanks to the 'Life of Brian' reference that if things looks all doom and gloom look to the brighter side of the situation.
And unfortunately thanks to pulling a muscle in my back here at my oh-so glorious work I fail to see the brighter side of being in agony! :P Alas, I am only 4 hours in the exhausting 12 hour shifts then I start it all again tomorrow. What a joyous feeling that is!
I must admit the only positive is that I have 3 days off this week and I'm using that time to meet up with my best friend who I've known since Primary school and turn to whenever I need advice in which she always gives the best advice I could ask for. Meeting up with other friends, a bit of a wee gathering as some things needs to be cleared and brought up. Oh the dramas of it all! I have to admit, these past 2 years have involved more drama than what I had in high school! What with Woolworths ending and a friend going off with a married man who went back to his wife and kid after a month, 4 months trying to find a job, drama with a friend and other stuff! But positive drama involved whenever I met with my fiance!
Then within all that in the 2 years I have been to 3 funerals which brought me further down and down into the downward spiral of emptiness and feeling pointless! :(

But now I believe I should listen to the song 'always look on the bright side of life' and try to be more positive! As my fiance says, things can only get better. I only hope he's right but I understand I need to put an effort in too, you can't get everything by not giving something in return can you not? Its worth a shot anyway!

Heading now folks! Until next time...

"Always look on the bright side of life! *whistles*" :D

Sunday, 10 April 2011



Well as you can guess I'm a gamer, have been ever since I was like 5 and played 'Streets of Rage' on the Sega MegaDrive! I then progressed onto the Playstation generation with the PSOne, in which the popular games were 'Cool Boarders' and 'Crash Bandicoot' (which I believe is still a classic for Playstation and they really need to release a new CB for the PS3)  and gradually onto the PS2 which introduced me to my all time favourite games...'Devil May Cry'!! (I'll get to why DMC is my ultimate favourite in a mo) Then I betrayed Sony and went and got an Xbox which in my view was a good decision at the time as the PS3 was £450 when it was first released and being 17 at the time and just on 10hrs a week at Woolworths didn't provide the money for that. Anyhoo, my favourite - or should I say the game I'm most addicted to playing - on the Xbox is of course 'Call of Duty'!

Right! Firstly why I love 'Devil May Cry'! Well, its just brilliant is it not? With Dante's badass attitude and slick kick-ass style with his trusted companions the Rebellion and Ebony & Ivory! The story just drew me in, but I have to admit I played 'Dantes Awakening' first before playing the original which is probably the best as timline wise 'Awakening' is set before the original. The grahics were really good for the PS2 and the music was so good I got the soundtrack! Anyway thats just the summary of why I just love the 'Devil May Cry' franchise! Now onto to 'Call of Duty'

CoD 4 'Modern Warefare' was the reason why I liked this series! The story made such an impact it drew you in further and further and you really didn't want any of the characters to die which was why the ending in my point of view made such an impact! Then 'World at War' came out, again just as good with the story but this time the Zombies mode in my view was the main feature! The underlying story that unravelled in each map (which cost 800 points :s) was really well done and as I played these maps I wanted to know more and more of the story which continued in 'Black Ops'.  I could go on forever about the theories I've read and other gamers opinions on the story in the Zombie maps because its so well done you have to figure it out yourself whilst trying not to be bitten to pieces!

Dam! Think I'm gonna kick some Zombie ass!
*switches on Xbox and prepares self for a blood fest*

Cya next time folks!