Monday, 30 May 2011

Me and my sketching!

Well, I thought in this blog I would put down the many sketches and drawings that are my favourite and get you opinion! :)

< This one I drew for my fiance as he is a HHHUUUUGGGEEE Tranformers fan! If you can tell it's 80s Optimus Prime!

< Ben 10 which I drew for my youngest brother!
I love Vampire Diaries so couldn't resist >
< I originally drew this for my nana before she passed away! She loved the music in Beauty and the Beast!
The following 3 drawings I had done while in 5th year at high school! I never got my final painting as it is still up in a frame in the assembly hall! Must be good as it's been 4 years since i left!                                 >

Well Hope you enjoyed this lot! :)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Up and down...

Dont you hate it when you feel bright and bubbly wont moment the down and depressed the next?

Well right now I feel down and depressed, which is awful because it wasn't only a couple of hours ago I was happy, cheerful and bubbly. Really don;t understand why I feel like this at times and it hits me hard especially when I know my downer mood upsets my fiance! Hmm...I promised I would try and be more positive as each day passes but it is much harder than it sounds. Just one wrong thought brings me down but I admit I bring it on myself which again doesnt help at all!

But I suppose all I can do is try. Headin off the now just felt like putting something up. Hopefully the next post will be a much cheerier one...

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Why do holidays pass so quickly?

Well, thats my holiday came and went so quickly its sad. I have been excited for this holiday since January and it has just flown by so quickly it has actually made me sad. Totally I have been on a bit on a downer, mainly I was tired but on this day last year, my uncle had passed so kinda was down about that. Also, it has been my first birthday I have had without my nana being around as she had past mid-February so that hit me hard at the end of my birthday.

Besides what I was feeling today, the whole week has been amazing! My fiance took me to Edinburgh on Monday and we stayed the night there, mainly to get away from the gradually sufficating town we live in, so it's a bit of fresh air for us. We went and saw Thor which I have to say everyone 'must see' this because it was awesome! Really good, and the guy who played thor was waaaaay tall haha! Crosses over with the story of what was happening in 'Iron Man 2' which is good. Cannot wait for 'The Avengers' movie to come out! Should be real good!

My birthday was good. Had a chocolate birthday cake and got great presents from my loved ones. It was a good day, besides the thought in the back of my mind that my nana wasn't there to celebrate with me.

Saturday was the big night out. It was good as well, got plenty of pictures taken some drunken and some that are decent but a good night non the less.

Anyhoo, back to work this week. Mood should pick up soon. Got to phone housing association bout trying to get a home, been wishing and praying to at least get a place by my birthday but that was a failure. feels like slim chances now but got to try and stay positive haven't I?

Easier said than done.