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Monday, 30 May 2011

Me and my sketching!

Well, I thought in this blog I would put down the many sketches and drawings that are my favourite and get you opinion! :)

< This one I drew for my fiance as he is a HHHUUUUGGGEEE Tranformers fan! If you can tell it's 80s Optimus Prime!

< Ben 10 which I drew for my youngest brother!
I love Vampire Diaries so couldn't resist >
< I originally drew this for my nana before she passed away! She loved the music in Beauty and the Beast!
The following 3 drawings I had done while in 5th year at high school! I never got my final painting as it is still up in a frame in the assembly hall! Must be good as it's been 4 years since i left!                                 >

Well Hope you enjoyed this lot! :)

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