Monday, 26 December 2011

Thank fook Christmas is over!

Sorry but yes im glad its over. The build up to Christmas is so stressing what with money worries and everything else. Then the songs begin...oh god those bleeding songs drive me mental. I may sound like a depressive geek moaning about Christmas but i do enjoy the actual day, its the build up i hate.

Saying that Christmas day was only yesterday, it was a really enjoyable day. Its the first time ive woken up next to my fiance although we have been together close to 3 years but thats because we now live together and i got the day off work :) got spoiled rotten, so did he lol was a happy day considering the past 2 years have been tough...very tough. It was a much needed boost.

Now with 2012 coming in fast we have one HUGE goal: plan our wedding! So weird to think to be honest,scared but very excited!

Ill leave this blog saying: Merry Christmas Nana. Missing you and thinking of you. Xxxx

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