Monday, 1 August 2011

So...first thoughts

So first thoughts on living with my fiancee...happy chappy I must say! Even thought there have been problems and believe me there have been some very annoying problems (cant be even bothered to type those problems up) things are looking good! We just had our flatwarming and it went very smoothly (very chuffed I must say) not a single drop of spilled drink or dropped food so all in all a great success! Everyone who was there had a great time :) 

I must admit its still weird without the small doses of mayhem that I was so used to when I lived with my parents and 2 younger brothers, I mean I do miss them but its good that I'm finally living with the man I wanna marry. The flat is decent sized and a good start for the both of us. The immense amount of stuff that we both have has been evenly spread, although the single bedroom has several boxes filled with DVDs. However, I am having a great time and hoping this last for an extended period of time.

Cya :) x

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